With all that is going on in the stock market these days now is a great time to learn the skills to manage your own stock portfolio.

Peter Brown: Managing Director of Baggot Investment Partners, will present all three modules covering the content below. The webinars are interactive so you can submit questions either in advance of each module or during the live session.

Following the course, you can book a one to one with Peter (for a minimal fee) if there are personal or more complex issues you need to discuss.

Course Date:          April 2021

3 One hour Zoom Webinars

Course Cost:            €195

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Module 1

Investment Outlook
Historical returns
Basic Investing Principles
How much profit could I expect to make?
What are the downside Risks?
Human psychology, how it affects returns
Getting Access to the market
Fees and Charges
Investment Platforms
Investing Assets – Stocks, ETF’s, Funds
What should I read / Maintaining a Macro View
Making an Investing plan

Module 2

The Difference between Investing & Trading
Portfolio Construction
Getting Started Investing small amounts
Timing the Market
Investing Styles
Basic Charting
10 Key Indicators for stock investing
Using Screeners
Key Metrics to evaluate assets:-
     Relative Strength
     Piotroski F-Score

Module 3

Key Metrics to evaluate assets:-
    Sentiment Analysis
Other key ratios
Advanced Concepts:-
    Shorting the market
    Using leverage
    Financial Options
Setting Risk Parameters
Pitfalls to avoid
Tax efficiency