At Baggot we are strong believers in financial markets education. Our Stock Investing Course has proven to be very popular and we run it a number of times through the year. Please register for our mailing list to be notified of our next course.

With all that is going on in the stock market these days now is a great time to learn the skills to manage your own stock portfolio.

Peter Brown: Managing Director of Baggot Investment Partners, will present all three modules covering the content below. The webinars are interactive so you can submit questions either in advance of each module or during the live session.

Following the course, you can book a one to one with Peter (for a minimal fee) if there are personal or more complex issues you need to discuss.

Thursday 19th, 26th January &
2nd February 2023

3 One hour Zoom Classes

Time:  6pm  –  Course Cost:   €195

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Module 1

Investment Outlook
Historical returns
Basic Investing Principles
Crypto Investing
How much profit could I expect to make?
What are the downside Risks?
Human psychology, how it affects returns
Getting Access to the market
Fees and Charges
Investment Platforms
Investing Assets – Stocks, ETF’s, Funds
What should I read / Maintaining a Macro View
Making an Investing plan
Technical Analysis Introduction

Module 2

Using Technical Analysis
Portfolio Construction
The Difference between Investing & Trading
Getting Started Investing small amounts
Timing the Market
Investing Styles
Using Screening Technology
How to evaluate assets:-
Relative Strength
Piotroski F-Score

Module 3

How to evaluate assets:-
Sentiment Analysis
Key ratios
Advanced Concepts:-
Shorting the market
Using leverage
Financial Options
10 Key pointers for stock investing
Pitfalls to avoid
Tax efficiency
Check List

Baggot Corporate

Many of our corporate customers now invest their cash balances to offset negative interest rates and inflation. We have developed low risk products to assist your cash management.

Personal Investments & Pensions

Utilising your Pension to manage Investments tax free is a great way to grow your wealth. Talk to us about how we can help manage your pension.

Baggot Q3 - General Update

October 2022 - A review by David Flynn, Chief Investment Strategist of Market Conditions, Baggot Strategies and opportunities ahead.

Carbon Markets - A New Asset Class

A huge ESG friendly investment opportunity - Report by David Flynn, Chief Investment Strategist - Summer 2021


At Baggot we understand the market. We build investment strategies from the best available global investment products. Our portfolios are tailored to the client’s need, whether you require a straight investment, pension structure or a tax-based solution.

We also provide investment solutions for corporates who wish to invest excess funds. Contact Us to arrange a meeting.

Our Services

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We review your existing finances, discuss your goals and establish your risk profile.





Our experts help you select the right pension for your particular circumstances.





We work with you to structure a plan that delivers your financial priorities over your lifetime.





We now assist many of our corporate customers overcome negative or zero interest and inflation.


Baggot Investment Products.

At Baggot we have developed a collection of Investment Products to cover most investment requirements.


BMS is a Global Absolute Return strategy which aims to provide positive annualised investment returns in all market conditions on a medium to long term basis. Baggot's Absolute Return Portfolio Strategy utilises ten individual strategies, which are employed to varying levels dependent on market conditions. Download our Key Features Document for detailed information on how you can benefit.


A Diversified strategy which aims to provide positive annualised investment returns on a medium to long term basis, while managing the portfolio within its risk parameters. This investment strategy can invest in a range of asset classes. This is a medium risk strategy with the objective of having a moderate investment allocation to higher risk assets such as Equities, Property, and Commodities.


Many company owners are struggling with cash on accounts achieving, either negative or no return and with inflation on the rise losing buying power overtime. Here at Baggot we specialise in providing solutions for Investing corporate cash balances. If you are concerned with avoiding negative interest rates and erosion from inflation, we offer a range of managed corporate investment accounts aligned with your risk appetite.

Experience counts

Peter Brown one of the founder members of BAGGOT with over 35 years experience, is the head lecturer on Investments in IIFT and is a highly sought-after media commentator and is a regular guest on Newstalk Radio and contributor to TV on RTE frontline, RTE Primetime, TV3 and RTE News.

David Flynn is Chief Investment Strategist at BAGGOT. David began his career as a Pit Trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, later working as Senior Trader at Fortis Bank, Senior Portfolio Manager at global hedge Fund Brevan Howard and Merrion Capital.


Peter Brown, APA

Tony Fitzpatrick, FCCA, MCSI, QFA

David Flynn APA

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