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    The younger and sooner you take an interest in your pension the more valuable it is likely to be longer term.

    The pension industry is very complex. Whether you are saving in your current pension or moving towards retirement there are constant questions. Who is managing my pension, what are the commissions and fees, what is it invested in, what structure do I need when I retire?

    When close to retirement there is the question of annuity or ARF and how is that invested?

    Commissions and fees play a big role and there are significant variances between what you may be charged, especially around your trustee structure.

    It is very unlikely that you can do it yourself so a trusted adviser outlining your best options is key. We are living longer and interest rates are extremely low so clients need to take on some risk to avoid a pension being eroded by fees and inflation in the future, but how much risk is prudent or enough?

    At Baggot we can answer those questions for you.

    Peter Brown has over 35 years’ experience in the financial markets and is an expert in financial products and investing in the financial markets. He is Head of Education at the Institute of Investing and Financial Trading ( where he developed the highly regarded Investor Diploma. Peter’s economic analysis and expertise about the financial markets, is highly sought after by the Irish and international media.

    Pension Advice

    • Setting up a pension
    • Your current pension
    • Outline options to maximise the benefits
    • Discuss retirement options
    • Look at post-retirement investments
    • Show you how Baggot can help
    • Personal and transparent advice


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    Claim Your Free Pension Advice Consultation – Enter Your Details Here