Learn Investing Fundamentals

Join Peter Brown’s Investing Fundamentals 3 week online course.

Starts Tuesday July 28th at 6pm

Course Fee:  €249

Gain the confidence to take control of your investments.

Delivered through 3 online modules followed by Questions and Answers.
Each student receives a 1 hour post course investment strategy consultation.

Investing Basics

  • Savings & Deposits
  • Basic Investing Principles
  • Economic Outlook 
  • The difference between investing & trading
  • Getting started, Investing small amounts
  • Getting access to the market
  • Stocks, Funds and ETF’s
  • Timing the market
  • How to build your first portfolio
  • TAX efficiency
  • Live Q&A

Portfolio Investing

  • Avoiding excessive fees and charges
  • Financial Planning
  • Setting Risk Parameters
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Assets Classes:
    • 1. Equity Markets
    • 2. Bonds
    • 3. Commodities
    • 4. Emerging Markets
    • 5. Foreign Exchange
  • Live Q&A

Pensions, Property and Alternatives

  • Pension options for employees
  • Pension options for self-employed
  • Post retirement pension options
  • Property Investments:
    • REITS
    • Packaged products
    • Investment properties
    • Social Housing
  • Alternative Investing:
    • Peer to Peer
    • Invoice Trading
  • Diversification, correlation, volatility
  • Live Q&A

Course Lecturer


Peter Brown has over 35 years’ experience in the financial markets and has managed treasury operations in financial institutions including Barclays, BNP, Ulster Bank and ACCBank. As chief dealer and subsequently general manager of treasury, pensions and investments he became expert in structured finance, funding, trading, investments and risk management. He is the co-founder of Baggot Investments and the Head of Education at the IIFT. Peter features regularly on RTE, TV3, BBC World, RTE Radio and NewsTalk.

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The goal of the series is to help you navigate through the noise out there and provide expert advice and guidance on investment options out from shares and property to art and pensions. The series takes attendees through the different variety of investment opportunities out there in an engaging format delivered by experts in their field. The series presents all the options, what, where and when you invest is all entirely in your hands.