Buy Out Bond

What is a Buy Out Bond?

A buyout bond, also known as a pension buyout bond or a personal retirement bond, is a financial product designed to transfer pension funds from one pension scheme to another, typically when an individual leaves a company or an employer’s pension scheme. It is a vital instrument for those who want to preserve their pension benefits and have more control over their retirement savings. This type of bond is particularly relevant in situations where employees change jobs frequently or have multiple pension plans, as it offers a consolidated solution for their retirement savings. Actively managing a buyout bond is crucial to ensure the optimal growth of pension funds and to mitigate the risks associated with investment fluctuations.


Here at Baggot Investment Partners we can assist you in transferring the Boy Out Bond to us and then create Personalised investment Strategies to deliver the optimum investment setup for your pension. This will ensure it preforms as best as possible while preserving all the advantages of a Buy out Bond such as flexibility, control and Preservation of benefits.

Arrange a Free Pension Review with Peter Brown

If you would like to explore the various pension opportunities available you can avail of a free financial review with Peter Brown. This is a “No Obligation” review of your existing investments and pension arrangements to establish if there are any untapped opportunities that could improve your financial position.


Pensions can also seem daunting.

  • How much should I/ can I contribute?
  • What are my options when I retire, tax free lump sums etc.?

Our experts compare all pensions options when calculating your pension plan, thus ensuring you are advised of the best available for your circumstances.

Whether you are pre or post retirement, we can advise on your best investment options.

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