Baggot Q2 Review & Outlook Report

July 2021

A review by David Flynn, Chief Investment Strategist

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Baggot Stock Investing Course

September 2021

A comprehensive Stock Investing Course – Basic to Advanced
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WHY Choose baggot investment partners?

At BAGGOT we understand the market. We are investment experts that source innovative and tax efficient investment and pension products, and provide you with tailored investment solutions, driven by in-depth market knowledge.

We work very closely with businesses to meet the challenges facing companies and with individuals to find the best solution to meet their financial needs. Contact Us to arrange a meeting.

Baggot Investment Products.

At Baggot we have developed a collection of Investment Products to cover most investment requirements.

  • Baggot Multi Strategy Absolute Return Portfolio
    Baggot Multi Strategy Absolute Return Portfolio

    A Global Absolute Return strategy which aims to provide positive annualised investment returns in all market conditions on a medium to long term basis. The BMS-ARP strategy utilises ten individual strategies, which are employed to varying levels dependent on market conditions. Download our Key Features Document for detailed information..

  • qode interactive strata
    Baggot Multi Asset Portfolio

    A Diversified strategy which aims to provide positive annualised investment returns on a medium to long term basis, while managing the portfolio within its risk parameters. This investment strategy can invest in a range of asset classes. This is a medium risk strategy with the objective of having a moderate investment allocation to higher risk assets such as Equities, Property, and Commodities.

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    Baggot Multi Equity Portfolio

    An Equity Portfolio product bringing together a basket of high ranking equally weighted stocks. The portfolio is invested based on value investing strategies aimed at delivering positive annualised investment returns. This strategy is ranked at 6 on the ESMA risk scale and has a portfolio volatility of 15-20%. This portfolio is suitable for clients with varying amounts of funds to invest and a time horizon of two to five years.

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    Baggot Financial Planning

    The best time to start a Financial Plan is right now. A Financial Plan is essential to the success of your financial future and helps ensure you achieve your financial goals. We extrapolate your current financial situation adding life events, inflation, investment returns and optimise the simulation to deliver your financial goals. This personalised financial road map will help you succeed financially.

Experience counts

Peter Brown one of the founder members of BAGGOT with over 35 years experience, is the head lecturer on Investments in IIFT and is a highly sought-after media commentator and is a regular guest on Newstalk Radio and contributor to TV on RTE frontline, RTE Primetime, TV3 and RTE News.

David Flynn is Chief Investment Strategist at BAGGOT. David began his career as a Pit Trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, later working as Senior Trader at Fortis Bank, Senior Portfolio Manager at global hedge Fund Brevan Howard and Merrion Capital.

Peter Brown, APA

Tony Fitzpatrick, FCCA, MCSI, QFA

David Flynn APA


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